At Mashi we create growth for new and established companies in the UAE. We set up, manage and advise on Google Ads and design professional and conversion-ready websites and webshops.

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We care deeply about customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to keep all our customers happy and satisfied. We believe that clear and clean lines, good communication and record-breaking results are what it takes to ensure great customer satisfaction!

We care deeply about customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to keep all our customers happy and satisfied.

Google Reviews

"We have had our website made by Mashi, which we have been incredibly satisfied with, the price was very reasonable and their delivery time short. High recommendation from here!"

- Jacek, Jacks Byg

Trust Pilot

"Have used Mashi for our google advertising, they keep their promises and don't say anything they can't live up to. Highly recommend them."

- Kasper West, Window Cleaner

Facebook Reviews

"They are very sweet and honest, take time for your business and most importantly try to help your business get customers. I can already see that they have helped my business with results."

- Yahya, Dr. Drive

Do what you do best outsource the rest

In order to give your customers the best possible product and run as efficient and lucrative a business as possible, you should focus on what you do best and delegate other important tasks, however, it can be super challenging to relinquish control and hand over important but demanding tasks to another party – we at MASHI are very aware of this challenge, we therefore strive to always be easily accessible, enter into close dialog with our customers and see our customer relationships as a collaboration that should preferably last for many years to come.


Set up for succes!

At Mashi, we know that a website is not just a website, as it is often the first impression potential customers get of your business. That’s why we focus on usability, design and conversion optimization when designing you website.



At Mashi we are certified Google Partners, which is your guarantee of our expertise! We offer both management and advice to companies that already market with Google Ads, but want to take their marketing with Google Ads to the next level. But we also help companies that have previously or perhaps never marketed with Google Ads.

Google Search Ads

Pay per click and appear at the top of Google when customers search for your services or products.

Google Shopping Ads

Get your products displayed at the top of Google with images, prices and other relevant information.

Google Display Ads

Display ads appear in articles, videos and on various websites and are often used for remarketing.

Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads are video ads that are shown to potential customers when they use Youtube.

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We help both service companies and online shops with Google Ads and web design. We apply our knowledge of Google Ads and user behavior in our design processes and ensure synergy between Google Ads and the websites we design.

You have to spend money, to make MONEY

Spending money on a new website or Google Ads should be seen as an investment rather than an expense – a well-built website designed to ensure valuable actions from visitors and/or Google Ads set up, managed and optimized correctly will increase revenue and is a good investment for any business looking to GROW. However, as a business, it can be incredibly difficult to know who to choose as a partner when it comes to web design and marketing, as morale, service levels and competencies are very different among players in our industry. We believe that we are a very good choice, as we focus on long-term collaboration and know that it requires good results, a high level of service and honesty throughout.

Marces E. Mochia


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